Favorite Photos – Santa Claus

We absolutely love this photo taken by Lori Stafford Clapp.  She took this in Silverthorne in 2012.


The Ice and the Moon

Here is a favorite photo taken at last year’s ice castle in Minnesota.  The artist is Doug Nelson.  Amazing photo, isn’t it?

MOA Ice Castle 4 with Full Moon

Snowy Nights

Snowy nights make for some of the best photo opportunities at the Ice Castles because of the color created in the sky.  The sky was like this for about 25 minutes.  Here are some photos that Ryan took last night.

Photographer Kim Larsen Engagement Photos

It is always great when a talented photographer comes by the Ice Castles.  Here are some photos taken by Kim Larsen.  Her photography blog called Life is Art has several more images.  Click on any of the images to see her blog post.  Thanks Kim!

Photos from a snowy day

So last week we had a snowstorm here in Silverthorne! (when we decided to come here, we thought we’d be saying that weekly rather than every-other-monthly!) Snow fell for most of the evening, and it created a beautiful reddish sky inside the Ice Castle.

Below are some photos from that night.  Incidentally a couple of the same photos were published on the Discovery Channel’s website “How Stuff Works” (along with a great article by the way) and in the in the print edition of the Los Angeles Times. The LA Times blogged about the Ice Castles as well, but didn’t use these photos.   We’re amazed to have had such amazing news outlets cover the Ice Castles.

So, if you are in Silverthorne tomorrow night and if the predicted storm really does happen and if it is snowing in the evening when the lights are on inside of the ice, we think you can expect to experience something like the photos below.   We noticed that night that if you drive around Town when these photos were taken, the sky did not appear as red as it did in the Ice Castles.  We’re not sure why that is, but the red sky sure is cool.  If any of you know why, we’d love to hear an explanation!

And the photos

Family Photos

One of our favorite pictures of the year – Family Photo taken December 19th.  Love the smiles of these beautiful children!

Purple Sky

Tonight there was the most amazing purple snowing sky.  The purple light filtered through the ice and made for a beautiful night.  Here are some photos:

Photos from 12.12.2011

THis is a view from the top of the towers at the entry, about 25′ in the air.


This is a view of the entry towers.

Here is a photo of two children, enjoying the Ice Castles.

The top of one of the towers.  Soon the tops of the eight large towers will be connected with arches of ice.